3 Key MLM Home Business Steps To Boost PageRank, Traffic and Visitors

How would you like a simple, free way to dramatically boost the amount of traffic to your MLM home business blog or online content? How would you like more visitors interacting and giving you feedback on your site, helping to improve your site’s popularity and therefore search engine ranking which in turn will raise your PageRank, lead to more traffic and visitors?

What if you could do all this with few simple changes, done one time that only takes a few minutes to implement?

It’s really quite simple: turn your blog into a DoFollow blog. In short, you simply change your blog from it’s default NoFollow setting by installing a few key, free plugins to your wordpress.org blog.

In essence you are incentivizing visitors and readers of your MLM home business blog to leave a comment on your blog posts – and not simply because you asked them to or because you provided such valuable content that is worthy of commentary…

Here’s why you want to do this: let’s step into the shoes of one of your visitors who’s just read your post. They see the same twitter and Facebook buttons and “share this” link they see on every blog article they visit every day. While to you it may seem like commenting on your blog is the least they could do to compensate you for all the value they received and all the time, energy and passion you may have put into your article, your visitors are only thinking “what’s in it for me?”

Think about it: there’s not enough time in a day, nor do people have enough energy to comment on every MLM home business blog post they read. There’s just not enough in it for them to do it – they need to make a living and provide for their family too! If there’s one amazing article that really moves them and they feel compelled to comment, then perhaps they will, but that will only a small minority of all the blog posts they read. What about you for example? You do the same thing – how many of my articles have you commented on (prior to my revealing this MLM home business strategy)? Aha!

Don’t worry I’m the same way – we all are. But not any more. Soon you and many of your followers will be commenting like crazy all over when you learn this new strategy.

The idea has been around for a while. Basically, you do what you want others to do and in turn they will return the favor so to speak…

The Golden Rule of online marketing?

Well, sort of. More like, the strategic Golden Rule of online marketing, where Google and the search engines reward others for commenting on your posts (which directly benefits you as your site becomes more popular and increases it’s PageRank, etc) and you in turn are rewarded for commenting on others posts as well (your blog gets link juice from your comment linking your website back to your blog).

How’s that for karma?

There’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. All that’s required on your end (to attract quality comments and obtain higher rankings) is 3 simple steps:

The first important step is to install CommentLuv, a free plugin to your WordPress.org blog which is a commenting system you may have seen on other blogs which automatically links a visitor’s last blog post back to their blog at the end of their comment.

The second step is to install the KeywordLuv plugin, which uses the CommentLuv commenting system above and links a visitor’s previous blog post to comment via keyword term using anchor text as well (to help you boost your search engine rankings).

The third plugin required to become a DoFollow blog is the DoFollow plugin itself, which changes the NoFollow setting normally configured to prevent outbound links from receiving much if any link juice.

Once you have completed those 3 simple steps with the plugins installed and active on your MLM home business blog (keep reading to find out how to do it), people will be able to comment on your posts and at the end of their comment will be a link to their most recent blog post.

Pretty cool, eh?

This allows you to attract and interact with many more MLM home business visitors than you normally would because again you are providing their blogs with “link juice” which basically helps increase their popularity, you get another follower to your blog plus a boost in popularity as well to help increase your rankings and PageRank. A win-win situation for all involved! (The only people who lose are those people without WordPress blogs and those who have not installed these plugins to turn their blog into a DoFollow blog).

By default, a WordPress.org blog is setup to be NoFollow, meaning spiders and bots that crawl your site are instructed to give significantly less “link juice” to these links to exterior sites which means they really don’t receive any direct benefit to their blog by commenting on your post. So they have to go out of their way to comment and interact, really only benefiting the blog owner.

Busy people today just can’t afford the time or energy for so much interaction for so little (or really no) return or direct benefit, so you are providing an excellent place for others to network and grow which, once setup, is passive – you just continue posting great, valuable content and your followers and others will seek you out and help boost your ratings by commenting more and more on your posts (be sure to interact with them and reply back of course as this is a great way to network – and these people are still coming to you automatically, without you having to solicit them!).

Another Key MLM Home Business Step to Boost PageRank, Traffic & Visitors:

You can join the action and continue to increase your exposure, popularity and get link juice for your site by visiting other DoFollow-enabled blogs that allow you to post a comment on a post which will then link back to your blog every time you comment (and you can target specific keyword phrases with the KeywordLuv plugin mentioned above as well!).

So rather than me try to re-explain exactly how to go about installing these plugins and the technical aspects of them, let me refer you to another blog where I first learned of these tactics.

(As a sidenote, if you have the Alexa toolbar plugin installed on your browser, you’ll notice the site I’m about to refer you to is ranked in the top 30,000 websites in the world and her blog is a DoFollow blog – do you think that’s a coincidence? Once you read this article she wrote, you’ll understand it’s NOT! Very powerful yet simple online marketing strategy here.)

But before I share with you how to get the specifics, now that you are armed with this powerful website-boosting knowledge, can you do me a favor and leave me a comment? I appreciate it, thanks in advance! _:)

To learn the specifics about the aforementioned plugins, visit Just-Ask-Kim.co

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